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Tri-Star Glove customizes high-performance safety apparel to meet industry needs by listening to end-users who face a wide range of threats each day such as cuts and punctures, weld splatter, molten metal splash, and arc flash. Developing innovative safety apparel is what we do on a daily basis. You can trust in our industry expertise to keep your team members safe.

History of Tri-Star Glove

2001 –

Tri-Star Glove was established and set up manufacturing operations at an elementary schoolhouse in Plainville, IN

2001 –

Switched from Cotton to High-Performance Materials (e.g. Twaron)

2007 –

Transitioned cut and sew operation from Hot Mill / Double Palm Gloves to High Performance (Custom) Safety Apparel

2008 –

Introduced Barrweld Welding / Industrial Safety Apparel

2011 –

Developed Barrweld Extreme for Violent Welding Applications … and Barrweld Plus for specialty outdoor and ‘non-stick’ applications

2012 –

Entered Glass Protective Industry

2016 –

Entered Arc Flash Market

2018 –

Entered Aluminized / Molten Splash Market

2019 –

Introduced High-Temperature Silicone Dotting capability for thermal protective gloves

2020 –

Developed Inherent Flame Resistant face coverings for the automotive industry in response to Covid-19 outbreak

2022 –

Next Generation Welding Apparel (In-Development)

Why Choose Tri-Star Glove?

Tri-Star Glove designs and manufactures high-performance safety apparel for several industrial processes including stamping, welding, parts handling, and paints and plastics. We identify threats and develop countermeasures to protect from those threats, such as cut protective gloves, low lint products, cape sleeves and bibs, aprons, and high vis workwear. Take advantage of these benefits when you choose Tri-Star Glove:

  • Our products are made with high-quality textiles and last longer than other comparable products
  • We use inherent flame-resistant fabrics in order to provide better protection and overall cost savings.
  • Our team works with end-users to create high-performance safety apparel that is specific to their company and processes.
  • By pairing the right fabric to the specific threat, we can create customized safety garments for any type of industry.
  • All of our safety apparel is designed and manufactured in the United States at our manufacturing facility in Indiana.

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Tri-Star Glove designs and manufactures various high-performance safety apparel for specific industrial threats such as cold weather, cut and puncture, molten metal splash, and thermal transfer, to manufacturers across the United States and Canada. Contact us to learn more by calling (812) 227-3602.

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