Body Weld Safety Apparel

Since 2001, Tri-Star Glove has been creating proven high-performance welding apparel for Body Weld that exceeds expectations by the automotive manufacturers and other industries. We understand the threats from weld splatter from the automated and manual welding processes which can cause injury to your team members. This is why we work closely with automotive manufacturers and their Tier 1s to develop countermeasures that will keep their team members safe.

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Body Weld Safety Apparel

Body Weld Safety Apparel

Body Weld is a department in an automotive manufacturing facility where pieces of metal are fused to each other through the application of heat, either by robots or manually by welders. Manufacturers, such as the automotive industry, use this process to assemble parts together. Tri-Star Glove has worked closely with many end users across the U.S. and Canada to design and manufacture solutions that protect team members in Body Weld, such as:

Safety Apparel for other Departments

At Tri-Star Glove, we listen to the end-user and create solutions by matching the right high-performance fabrics to the threat in order to develop the exact solution they need. Working closely with so many automotive manufacturing facilities has given us the experience to manufacture customizable safety apparel for many departments, including:

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In a world that is ever-changing, Tri-Star Glove customizes products to meet industry needs by listening to the end users. We identify threats, develop countermeasures, and deliver high-performance safety apparel for welding and other threats. You can trust us to not only keep your team members safe, but also provide overall cost-savings, protection, and customized solutions for your particular industry.

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All Tri-Star Glove products, such as barn coats, gaiters and balaclavas, and high vis workwear are proudly made in the U.S. at our manufacturing facility in Indiana. We ship a wide range of our safety apparel across the U.S. and Canada. Contact us at (812) 227-3602 to learn more about our high-performing and reliable safety apparel. We also create custom solutions for threats, such as cut and puncture, thermal transfer, arc flash, and molten metal splash.

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