General Assembly Safety Apparel

At Tri-Star Glove, we understand the various threats associated with working on a general assembly line. Since 2001, we have been working closely with automotive manufacturers and their Tier 1s to address these threats and protect their team members. These long-standing business relationships have given us the knowledge and experience to design and manufacture appropriate general assembly safety apparel that is proven to protect their team members.

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Dangers Involved With General Assembly

Working in a general assembly department poses a variety of threats for the team member. They need to be safeguarded against potential hazards such as cuts and punctures, burns, thermal transfer, and other dangers. Our general assembly safety apparel is made using high-performance fabrics that are inherent flame resistant. This means the protective properties are inherent to the fiber, won’t launder out over the life of the garments, and won’t burn, melt, or drip.

General Assembly Safety Apparel

We manufacture many different types of safety apparel for team members on the assembly line, including:

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Why Choose Tri-Star?

When you choose Tri-Star Glove, you are choosing high-performance safety apparel and gloves for general assembly and other processes, such as stamping, welding, parts handling, and paint and plastics. Our safety apparel is proudly made in the United States at our manufacturing facility in Indiana. As problem solvers, we create customized products to meet industry needs by listening to the end-users. We identify threats, develop countermeasures, and deliver exceptional protective apparel in an efficient and timely manner.

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To learn more or for further information, contact us today at (812) 227-3602. We design and manufacture high-performance safety apparel for several threats including thermal protection, cold weather, weld splatter, molten metal splash, and arc flash. We proudly ship our high-performance safety apparel to manufacturers throughout the United States and Canada.

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