Safety Apparel Cleaning Instructions

Tri-Star Glove designs and manufactures customized safety apparel that combines high-performance fabrics to protect from several threats. These threats include cuts and punctures, weld splatter, molten metal splash, arc flash, cold weather, and more.

We have provided cleaning instructions for each type of high-performance fabric we use when manufacturing your safety apparel. In order to protect the quality of the garment and ensure its longevity, we recommend that you follow these instructions when laundering your customized garment.

When a garment is made using one fabric, such as Barrweld™, the Barrweld™ laundry instructions are to be followed.

Instructions for Hybrid Garments

As the specific task dictates, we often need to manufacture a hybrid garment to provide protection from multiple threats. The body of the garment might be made of one fabric and the sleeves made using another. In this case, it requires that the laundry instructions for both fabrics are compared, and the least destructive directions followed. For example, if one fabric is washed in hot water, and the other in cold water, the least destructive of the two is cold water, and the garment would be washed in cold water. We can create the Laundry Guidelines specific to the garment we made for you, or you can pull the individual instructions from this section of our website.

General rules for all of our fabrics are:

  • Do Not Use Fabric Softener
  • Do Not Use Bleach
  • Do Not Use Detergents with Bleach or OxyClean
  • Do Not Wash With Other Garments
  • Do Not Over-Dry (Hang to dry is also good practice)

Barrweld™ Laundering Guidelines

Twaron® Laundering Guidelines

Oasis® Laundering Guidelines

Tecasafe® Laundering Guidelines

Norfab #366 & #371 Home Laundry Instructions

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