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Working with sharp metals and plastics can expose the vulnerable wrist and neck areas to life-threatening injuries. Tri-Star Glove manufactures wrist and neck protectors from high-performance fabrics that provide protection from cuts and punctures. Whether your team members are involved with parts handling, glass, stamping, or general assembly, we can keep them protected from cut and puncture hazards associated with these processes.

With our extensive knowledge manufacturing high-performance inherent flame-resistant (IFR) safety apparel, we work with the distributor and/or end-user to ensure a solution that will protect the team members from workplace hazards. Part of that process involves pairing the right textile to match the threat. With our trusted, long-term supply chain relationships, we design and manufacture safety apparel, using fabrics that provide proven solutions.

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Why Wrist and Neck Protection?

Manufacturing facilities that do not have the budget for comprehensive cut and puncture protective garments will still need to provide some level of protection for their team members. Our wrist and neck protectors provide a low-cost method to protect those vital areas from serious injury and are comfortable to wear. And comfort equals compliance.

Choose The Right High-Performance Fabric for the Threat

Whether you need wrist protection, neck protection, or both, choose the right fabric to match the threat. Our high-performance fabrics:

  • Are made using Twaron® yarns with Stainless Steel (Twaron® is a para-aramid and the European version of Kevlar)
  • Are Inherent Flame Resistant (IFR) which means the protective properties are inherent to the fiber and will not launder out over the life of the garment
  • Will not burn, melt, or drip
  • Launderable
  • Range from Cut levels A2 – A6 and Puncture levels 3 – 5
Wrist Protector for Glass Handlers

Wrist/Arm Protection

  • Choose an existing design
  • Customized designs available
  • Protect the vital radial artery from cuts and punctures
  • 360-degree protection with easy on/off hook and loop closure
  • Adjust for size ensuring a safe, proper fit for every employee

Neck Protection

  • Protects the vulnerable neck from cuts and punctures
  • 360-degree protection with easy on/off hook and loop closure
  • Choose and existing design
  • Customized designs available
  • Adjust for size ensuring a safe, proper fit for every employee
Neck Protection for Glass Handlers

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Choose Tri-Star for High-Performance Safety Apparel

Tri-Star designs and manufactures safety apparel, such as neck and wrist protectors, for a wide range of workplace hazards. With our high-performance fabrics and innovative designs, our garments will last longer and offer cost savings. For more than 40 years, we have been developing custom solutions to meet the specific industry needs of our customers.

If your team members need a customized garment for a particular threat, such as weld splatter, thermal transfer, molten metal splash, arc flash, or cold weather, we can design and manufacture inherent flame-resistant (IFR) safety apparel specifically for these and other threats.

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Learn more about how we can help keep your team members safe by contacting us today at (812) 227-3602. We manufacture our inherent flame resistant (IFR) high-performance garments, such as aprons, barn coats, cape sleeves and bibs, jackets, pants and chaps, and hoodies, at our manufacturing facility located in Indiana and ship across the United States and Canada.

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