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When you’re looking for a Made-in-the-USA apron to protect your team members from cuts and punctures, weld splatter, or molten metal splash, look no further than Tri-Star Glove. Our aprons are created from high-performance fabrics, are comfortable to wear, and provide long-lasting protection.

With our extensive knowledge manufacturing high-performance inherent flame-resistant (IFR) safety apparel, we work with the distributor and/or end-user to ensure a solution that will protect the team members from workplace hazards. Part of that process involves pairing the right textile to match the threat. With our trusted, long-term supply chain relationships, we design and manufacture safety apparel, using fabrics that provide proven solutions.

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Cut and Puncture Aprons

Cut & Puncture Aprons

Cut and puncture protective aprons are made from fabrics that provide protection against hazards posed by sharp objects and shards, as well as comfort and durability for all-day protection. All of our fabrics with cut and puncture protection are tightly woven rather than knitted. Woven fabrics retain their shape, do not become snag hazards, and provide true puncture protection. Knitted fabrics stretch causing the holes to expand which creates a path for shards to penetrate.

  • Ideal for metal stamping, glass handling, and general assembly
  • Abrasion, cut, and puncture-resistant (ranging from cut level A2 to A6 and puncture level 3 to 5)
  • Inherently flame resistant and will not burn, melt, or drip
  • Available with leather ties or adjustable 100% cotton belt with nylon buckles
  • Available with heavy cotton webbing belt and straps with side release buckles and adjusters

Welding Aprons

All of our welding aprons are made with high-performance, inherent flame-resistant (IFR) textiles composed of Twaron® and Lenzing™ FR fibers. These fabrics are tightly woven and engineered to shed weld splatter and grinding sparks as well as resist pinholes. Our aprons are highly durable, lightweight, and more comfortable than traditional treated fabrics and leather. We offer aprons made in several different weights and colors of fabric, ranging from 7 oz to 10 oz.

  • Ideal for everyday use, from light duty to violent/extreme welding and grinding
  • Inherent flame-resistant, and will not burn, melt, or drip
  • The protective properties will not launder out over the life of the apron
  • Lasts longer and is better performing than traditional flame-retardant materials
  • Available with leather ties or adjustable 100% cotton belt closures
  • Barrweld Extreme is a synthetic replacement to leather, is significantly lighter, and much more comfortable
  • Available in various lengths
Welding Apron
Aluminized Apron

Aluminized Aprons

Tri-Star Glove’s aluminized aprons are constructed with high-performance aluminized para-aramid/OPF for thermal reflectivity and molten metal splash protection.

  • Available in 14oz and 19oz para-aramid/OPF
  • Ideal for working in the molten metal industry or manufacturing processes that radiate large amounts of heat
  • Lasts longer and is much more protective than FR cotton
  • Much lighter than leather
  • Available in various lengths

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Why Choose Tri-Star Glove

  • We manufacture solutions for a wide variety of personal protective apparel
  • With over 40 years of experience manufacturing IFR safety apparel, we customize products to meet industry needs
  • Our process includes identifying threats and developing countermeasures in order to design and manufacture exactly what you need
  • Everything we make is customizable and can include logos, team member names, embroidery, and more
  • We manufacture a wide range of inherent flame-resistant protective apparel for industrial processes including body weld, glass handling, thermal and welding, and more

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Contact us today to learn more about our protective aprons by calling Tri-Star Glove at (812) 227-3602. All Tri-Star Glove products are proudly made in the USA at our manufacturing facility in Indiana. We ship products to distributors across the U.S. and Canada. Our extensive safety apparel selection includes barn coats, cape sleeves and bibs, jackets, aluminized garments, pants and chaps, and much more.

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