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At Tri-Star Glove, we design and manufacture primary layers or aluminized garments that reflect radiant heat, shed molten metals, and provide thermal protection for the hazards faced by team members when working in a foundry or other manufacturing facilities where high heat molten splash is a threat.

With our extensive knowledge manufacturing high-performance inherent flame-resistant (IFR) safety apparel, we work with the distributor and/or end-user to ensure a customized solution that will protect the team members from workplace hazards. Part of that process involves pairing the right textile to match the threat. With our valued, long-term supply chain relationships, we design and manufacture customized safety apparel, using trusted fabrics that provide proven solutions.

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Primary Layer Aluminized Garment

A.K.A. Primary Layer

Known as Primary Layers or Silvers, aluminized garments are worn by those who work closest to the molten metal or heat source. The job of the aluminized or “silver side” is to reflect the heat and shed the molten should a splash occur, giving the team member valuable time to remove themselves from the threat. We use a 19oz Aluminized fabric that has a non-woven para-aramid/OPF base, which provides excellent protection from thermal transfer.

As ambient temperatures continue to rise, and manufacturing facilities become more difficult and more expensive to keep cool, the design of the garment can become as important as the high-performance fabrics used to make it. While it’s critical to provide safety apparel for the team member to survive the task, it’s equally critical they can survive the hot working conditions.

In some cases, it is necessary for the entire garment to be made using aluminized fabric, but in many cases it is not. This is where using innovative designs, and our experience can provide relief to the team member by using lightweight, high-performance IFR fabrics on the back of the garment making it more comfortable to wear to help them do their job and survive the day. These fabrics were engineered specifically to shed molten metals and are also used when manufacturing secondary layers for those who work further away from the molten metal but could potentially be splashed.

One of the advantages of working closely with the foundries is that we have numerous aluminized garment designs they have helped design, that have now become best practice solutions. This gives you the opportunity to use safety apparel that already exists, has a history of providing protection, and allows you to hit the ground running. Alternatively, we can design a garment specific to your company and your process. Either way, we’ve got you covered.

A.K.A. Secondary Layer (Non-Aluminized Garments)

Similar to a bullseye, many foundries have established rings with different levels of safety requirements when working with molten. The closer the team member is to the molten metal, the more protective their safety apparel needs to be. Conversely, the further away the team member works from the molten, usually means they can wear non-aluminized safety apparel that still provides shedding protection from splashes and pops.

The following garments can be made using 14 oz or 19 oz aluminized fabrics for primary layers, or 10 oz Oasis or 9 oz FlamePro for secondary layers:

Secondary Layer Non-Alumnized Garments

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Why Choose Tri-Star Glove?

Tri-Star Glove manufactures a wide variety of custom safety apparel solutions. Our high-performance garments provide overall cost savings, last longer, and are made with fabrics to match the threat. With our extensive experience manufacturing safety apparel, we design and manufacture garments to meet specific threats such as molten metal splash, cuts and punctures, weld sparks, and arc flash.

Many manufacturing facilities are getting away from shareware for various reasons, including Covid-19. As a custom job shop, we have embroidery and heat transfer equipment to personalize almost any garment with your company logo and/or team member’s name as well as high-vis striping for enhanced safety.

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Contact Tri-Star Glove by calling (812) 227-3602 to learn more about our aluminized primary layers. We manufacture inherent flame-resistant safety apparel for factories across the U.S. and Canada including barn coats, cape sleeves and bibs, hoodies, low lint products, and more. All of our products are proudly made in the United States at our manufacturing facility in Indiana.

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