As a leading manufacturer of safety apparel, Tri-Star Glove is dedicated to offering safety and value by producing high-performance protective garments. Our sleeves offer protection from cuts, punctures, abrasions, weld splatter, and other hazards. We also have sleeves that protect products such as automotive parts from contamination prior to being painted.

With our extensive knowledge manufacturing high-performance inherent flame-resistant (IFR) safety apparel, we work with the distributor and/or end-user to ensure a customized solution that will protect the team members from workplace hazards. Part of that process involves pairing the right textile to match the threat. With our valued, long-term supply chain relationships, we design and manufacture customized safety apparel, using trusted fabrics that provide proven solutions.

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Low Lint Paint Sleeves

Low Lint Paint Sleeves

Our low lint paint sleeves have proven themselves over many years in the automotive industry. As a mutilation countermeasure, they protect the car or component from contact with the arm when specific tasks require the arms to be extended. They are designed to contain loose-fitting sleeves to avoid marring. The upper and wrist cuffs are overcast using a thermal heat-set yarn to minimize errant particulate.

Our low lint paint sleeves are available in heather green, and our low lint paint sleeves with cut protection are yellow with green identification, in order to provide a sharp contrast to industry automotive products and better particulate identification for quality control.

Welding Sleeves

When conducting light duty or violent welding, your team members need safety apparel that can provide protection from weld splatter. Our welding sleeves are made from high-performance fabrics, such as Barrweld™, that are inherent flame-resistant (IFR) and won’t burn, melt, or drip. The IFR properties cannot be laundered out over the life of the garment.

We offer high-performance welding sleeves including:

  • Barrweld™ Sleeves
  • EverSoft® Leather Sleeves
  • Barrweld Extreme™ Sleeves
  • Barrweld™ Lite Sleeves

All of our welding sleeves work as a system with our IFR Barrweld™ aprons.

Welding Sleeves
Cut Resistent Sleeves

Cut Resistant Sleeves

Safety in the workplace is vital. The best way to ensure workers are using the proper style of protective clothing is to identify the threat and outfit them with the best PPE to match that threat. Our cut-resistant sleeves protect your team members from cuts and punctures. They have been third-party tested to show cut resistance value according to ANSI.

Tube Sleeves

Our tube sleeves are knitted in a continuous roll made of natural or black IFR Twaron™ (the European version of Kevlar) and customized to any length. Available with and without a thumb hole.

Tube sleeves are a budget friendly option when low cut protection is needed (cut level A2).

The protective properties are inherent to the fiber and cannot be laundered out over the life of the garment. And they won’t burn, melt, or drip.

Tube Sleeves
Cape Sleeves and Bibs

Cape Sleeves & Snap-On Bibs

Almost all of our welding or cut-resistant sleeves can be turned into a cape and paired with a snap-on bib. This will provide you with a complete PPE System. All of our cape sleeves and snap-on bibs are made with high-performance, inherent flame-resistant (IFR) fabrics. This means the protective properties are inherent to the fiber and cannot be laundered out over the life of the garment, and will not burn, melt, or drip.

We design and manufacture cape sleeves and snap-on bibs to provide protection from weld splatter, grinding sparks, cuts, and punctures. If you need a cape sleeve and bib that will address the specific threat of your industry, please contact us and we’ll be happy to discuss developing a customized solution.

Choose Tri-Star for Customized Safety Apparel

  • We work with manufacturers and their Tier 1s to create customized high-performance safety apparel, such as sleeves, for a variety of manufacturing processes.
  • We design and manufacture safety apparel for several threats including thermal transfer, cold weather, cuts and punctures, molten metal splash, and arc flash.

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