High-Performance Safety Gloves

Let Tri-Star Glove help you choose the right gloves for your facility. We manufacture cut-resistant and thermal-protective gloves to protect your team members from injury, as well as silicone-free, low-lint gloves to protect your product from contamination prior to being painted.

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Cut-Resistant Gloves

Cut-Resistant Gloves

Hand protection in the workplace is vital. If a threat cannot be engineered out, then the best way to ensure workers are properly protected is by identifying the threat and outfitting them with the best cut protective glove to match that threat. Our gloves have been third-party tested to show cut resistance value according to the American National Standards Institute (ANSI). This means the proper glove can be used to protect workers based on cut protection standards in a variety of industries.

  • 7 gauge and 13 gauge available
  • Loop-in and Loop-out terry cloth available
  • Our gloves are made using 100% Twaron®, Twaron® Engineered, and Twaron® Premium Line with Stainless Steel
  • Twaron® is a para-aramid and the European version of Kevlar®
  • Inherent flame-resistant (IFR) yarns will not burn, melt, or drip
  • Very comfortable
  • Launderable
  • Cut level A2-A9 available
  • Reinforced thumb crotch available without that annoying wooly-worm feeling
  • Available with high heat silicone dots for some heat applications and/or to provide excellent grip
  • Sizes XS to 2XL available on most gloves
  • Almost all of our gloves are in stock and ready to ship
  • Samples are available

Thermal Protective Gloves

When working in areas with high heat, team members need protection from incidental contact thermal transfer. Our thermal protective gloves include a wide range of options such as varying cuff lengths, high heat silicone dots, and a variety of sizes to fit small or very large hands.

  • Two-in-one glove and three-in-one glove options
  • The outer glove is made using 7-gauge 100% Twaron®
  • The inner glove is made using 7-gauge 100% domestic cotton
  • Bar-tacked at the fingers to prevent separation
  • Heat level 5, 608 F, and higher
  • High heat silicone dots elevate the glove away from the part, create air channels to dissipate the heat, and provide excellent grip. Available on one or both sides
  • Cut Level A3-A4
  • Samples are available
Thermal Protective Glove
Low Lint Glove

Low Lint Gloves

Our silicone-free, low-lint gloves protect the part or vehicle from the oils and contaminants found on the hands and in the workplace that could inhibit paint from adhering. We have multiple knitting rooms in our Indiana facility, including a clean room, allowing us the ability to segregate spun yarns from cleaner filament yarns. Our gloves are available in numerous sizes, cuff lengths, colors, and weights.

We offer a wide range of gloves in colors such as mint green, blue, grey, and black in order to provide contrast from the sealer. Should a paint seed appear, the contrasting colors will make it possible to rule out the glove as the source of contamination. Our low-lint gloves are made using Polyester, nylon, NegaStat®, Twaron® filament, and other yarns to create a full line of products for cleanliness, anti-static, and even light cut resistance to support any Paint and Plastics Department.

Choose from our line-up of low-lint gloves:

  • Low-lint paint gloves
  • Low-lint paint gloves with cut protection
  • Low-lint anti-static paint gloves
  • Almost all of our low-lint products are in stock and ready to ship

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You can trust Tri-Star Glove to design and manufacture cut protective, thermal protective, and low lint gloves as well as many other types of high-performance safety apparel such as aprons, barn coats, capes sleeves and bibs, hoodies, and long-sleeve tees. Contact us at (812) 227-3602 to learn more about our protective clothing. We deliver our high-performance safety apparel across the United States and Canada.

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