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In almost every manufacturing facility, the team member needs to be protected from specific threats, such as cuts and burns. But there are two areas of the plant where the focus is to protect the end product, be it a component, a vehicle, or rocket, from scratches, contamination, and the oils left behind from incidental contact: the Paint and Plastic Departments. There, it’s all out war to make sure nothing comes between the paint and the parts, or the paint won’t properly adhere, causing costly off-lines.

Silicone-Free, Low Lint Products were designed and engineered for just this task.

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Why Low Lint Safety Apparel?

The Paint Departments of most Automotive manufacturing facilities, and some Tier 1s, require strict controls to ensure proper paint adhesion. One of these controls is to have team members wear silicone-free, low lint gloves and sleeves. These products can come in contact with the vehicle without affecting the paint adhesion process. For over 20 years, Tri-Star Glove has worked closely with the automotive manufacturers to create low lint solutions that help keep the vehicle out of the paint hospital.

About Our Gloves

All of our low lint products are made in the USA and knitted in a separate fiber-free clean room. This environment is designed to eliminate errant particulate and provide consistent, high-quality products.

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Features and Benefits of Tri-Star Glove’s Low Lint Products

During the automotive paint process, most manufacturers use white sealer to fill joints in the metal panels to stop salt from penetrating, which causes rust to form. In the Paint Department, if team members wear white low lint gloves, the white sealer can end up on the gloves, which then gets transferred to the metal. Sealer will stop paint from adhering to the metal, causing costly off-lines. As a countermeasure, Tri-Star worked with one major manufacture to create different colored gloves to create contrast that permits visual tracking when sealer was present, stopping the contamination before it caused a problem, and avoiding costly off-lines. For Example, when white sealer adheres to any of our black, blue, dark or mint green, heather grey or black low-lint gloves, you can quickly view the contamination with the colour contrast and change gloves). The various colors have caught on and are being used by many of the major automotive manufacturers.

The traditional method of closing or overcasting the cuff opening of the glove is done with a sewing machine that uses multiple threads that creates airborne errant particulate when cut with scissors. This particulate could end up being transferred from the glove to the vehicle, causing a paint seed, where the paint covers over the particulate and can easily be picked open exposing the metal. As a countermeasure, Tri-Star created a new approach to overcasting the knitted glove without having to use a sewing machine, thread, or scissors. We insert a thermal X-yarn in the final stages of the cuff during the knitting process, in a specific color to denote size. It is then run through an oven to heat set the yarn. The finished glove can be laundered without the introduction of threads and lint.

With the today’s varied-sized work force, and the quest for thin, tight-fitting gloves, we found that offering multiple sizes is extremely important for team members to properly do their job. To ensure the proper fit, we manufacture from size XS up to 2XL.

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Low Lint Gloves

Choose from our Wide Selection of Silicone-Free, Low Lint Products

Our silicone-free, low lint paint gloves target work areas requiring low lint and clean areas such as paint and plastics departments.

Our silicone-free low lint gloves with cut protection provide dexterity and work well for handling sharp edges in the paint or plastics department, reducing the need to wear a cut-resistant glove and a low lint glove.

Made with Nega-Stat® yarn for static dissipation, these gloves have proven themselves over many years in the automotive industry. The cuffs are color-coded by size for easy identification.

This sleeve is a countermeasure for specific tasks where an exposed forearm may come in contact with the part, and potentially interfere with the adhesion process. It’s also designed to contain loose-fitting clothing.

Just like our low lint paint gloves with cut protection, these paint sleeves protect the forearm when working with sharp edges, and are also designed to contain loose-fitting clothing.

Our low-lint watch covers keep the watch protected to eliminate contact with parts or vehicles.

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