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Cold weather base layers from Tri-Star Glove are the perfect blend of both comfort and protection to wear against the body when creating the ultimate layered, cold weather workwear system. They create an insulating layer that retain body heat and wick away sweat. They are also inherently flame-resistant (IFR) and provide arc flash protection. Our base layers are ideal for wearing under our barn coats for extra warmth, or hoodies or long-sleeve tees, when it warms it up.

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Cold Weather Base Layers

Protection & Comfort With Our Cold Weather Base Layers

Our base layer clothing is made using an intimate blend of inherent flame-resistant yarns, Kermel and Viscose, that will not burn, melt, or drip. They are available in both tops and bottoms in men’s and women’s sizes.

  • Fabric is warm, soft, and comfortable
  • Protective properties are inherent flame-resistant and cannot be laundered out over the life of the garment
  • Fabric will not burn, melt, or drip
  • Men’s and women’s base layers are available in sizes extra small to 3XL
  • Made by a trusted partner in Canada

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Why Choose Tri-Star Glove?

Tri-Star Glove manufactures a wide variety of safety apparel such as gloves, hi-vis workwear, low lint products, and aluminized garments. By identifying threats and developing countermeasures, we can deliver protective apparel for several industry processes including stamping, welding, parts handling, and paint and plastic. Below are several advantages when you choose Tri-Star Glove:

  • Our products last longer and are made with high-performance raw materials
  • Using inherent flame-resistant fabrics provides better protection and overall cost savings
  • Our team works with end-users to create high-performance safety apparel that is specific to their company and processes
  • With our industry expertise, we solve your safety garment issues so you can focus on what you do best

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For further information, contact us about our cold-weather base layers by calling Tri-Star Glove at (812) 227-3602. We ship products, including aprons, cape sleeves and bibs, jackets, pants, and sleeves to distributors across the entire U.S. and Canada. All Tri-Star Glove products are proudly made in the U.S. at our manufacturing facility in Indiana.

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